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I'm Pino Carbone

Founder of the BodyCode System®

For over thirty years I have been involved in Motor Re-education, Athletic Training for Dancers and Accident Prevention. I teach BCS Postural Re-education at the Faculty of Sport Sciences at the University of Rome Foro Italico.

The BodyCode System® is an innovative training method, far from traditional approaches and much more than a simple exercise program to be performed with or without equipment.

Thanks to the BodyCode System® it is possible to evaluate and correct motor patterns, re-educate posture effectively and efficiently, based on the laws of biomechanics, with particular attention to introspective work, body feeling and perception of body geometry.

Our Online Courses offer the opportunity to grow, develop, and increase the knowledge of our body while remaining in the comfort of your own home. They have been structured to provide the tools necessary to carry out the training course from home.

This way of studying certainly saves time and money and greatly facilitates our life, in fact it is more comfortable and more practical, but it nevertheless contributes greatly to expanding our knowledge, without neglecting the fundamental objectives of the BodyCode® Method.

Thanks to the BodyCode System® Online Courses and the study program structured on different progressive levels of learning, you can greatly enrich your training,

obtaining the necessary skills to be applied on yourself, on your students and customers, in order to improve physical fitness and well-being.

What you will learn at the On line Courses

BodyCode System®

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BodyCode System®

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Very happy to have this possibility. I find these seminars very illuminating

Giada Bardelli, dance and Pilates teacher

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