A method based on solid principles

At the basis of the method there is knowledge of the system osteo-articular, biomechanical laws, a new conception of movement and the use of innovative equipment

How does the body move?


The movement, coordinated and controlled by the nervous system, takes place in the structures, that is, the frame constituted by the myo-bundle-skeletal system.
The muscles and tendons activate the bones, articulated together through cartilages and ligaments. The rest of the body is in solidarity thanks to the stretched beams, making the body assume different positions in relation to the movements performed.

What happens if the movement is not correct?


Any change in the position of the structures, which is regulated by biomechanical laws similar to those of physics, affects the other end. If the movement of a joint is disturbed, this has repercussions on the connective tissue with continuity, because the characteristic of man to move in an upright position, involves extremely meticulous interventions to adapt the balance.

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